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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Complete migration to Linux ... well almost :P II

After several hours of grinding by chkdsk /f ... I lost count and grabbed some shut eye for few hours early morning.  When I finally woke up I rebooted the OS ... it would still not start in normal mode.. tried the safe mode.. it finally booted in safe mode...  just like a parents instinct to protect his/her children my first thoughts were to save the data...... Now when I say data ... it is really a mix bag of full length movies, documentaries, digital pictures from the past several years, software, e-books, source code, tools, text files, html, zip, rar, license files and hash keys, ISO's of several Linux distros and random random crap that has somehow manged to survive the transfusion from a 20 GB hdd from some 6 or 7 years back via systematic update to a 1 TB hdd and even I don't know what it is used for or if it is of any use now.. :| :o

Then there were small small reg scripts and batch/vbs files to tweak this or that 'feature', browser bookmarks and settings (Firefox tweaks, noscripts , adblock plus rules), HOSTS file, DNS files, backup of random downloads in the Desktop of various users profiles... (aside/ I was using the system with a GUEST level account full time, yeah I am paranoid about security. Frankly win7 is the only Microsoft OS that will let you do it without major pains. Vista did not happen to me never used it personally nor will.... /aside) Needless to say backing up files manually (copy pasting the setting tweaks) as small as a few kb to several MB did not seem exciting... The worst was yet to come......

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