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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How do I add my friends to Google+ Circles

Hot Google+ tip if your friends have not received the invite that you have sent them. There is a simple way select the circle in which they are, click view stream for this circle .. post something... you will get a prompt that emails will be sent to friends who are not on board yet. Select OK... Enjoy

P.s -- few people are still complaining that they have not been added/invited.
Well the service is still a select group of early adopters Beta. Wait your time will come :) 

Few friends have been asking me what is the big deal with this Google+ is it not just a clone of Facebook... NO it is not I have been maintaining a internal SPAM controlling list of 187 apps that keeps growing every few days.Just to maintain some sort of sanity and control over the things that I see in my feeds. Some days there has been so much "white noise". I even have to revert to blocking my wall.

Few would say oh those were spam bots/worms. Right I agree but it is sheer incompetence if you keep reporting the bot/worm for 3-5 days while it creates havoc in the meantime and nothing is done. 

Google also had such issues in the past at Orkut, but over there at least the mods were able to stop the bot/worm in a day after reporting. Even the anti virus companies have been supportive and forthcoming. FB has not done any such thing. In fact the over active "Auto bug" at FB ended up deleting and banning tens of thousands of genuine app users and developers.

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